Volunteer Opertunities

Interior Firefighter

An interior firefighter is someone who is certified to enter and operate inside structures that are actively burning and perform search, rescue, and fire suppression activities therein, and permitted to perform close-quarter fire suppression operations on vehicular fires and enter hot zones on emergency scenes. Required NYS BEFO and IFO along with Firefighter Survival. (All training provided)

Exterior Firefighter

An exterior firefighter is someone who is certified to operate on the fire grounds but not inside the building. These firefighters are essential to fireground operations. Required NYS BEFO. (All training provided)


An engineer is someone who is permitted to drive apparatus and operate pumps. They make sure apparatus make is to the scene safely and quickly. Required EVOC and NYS BEFO. (All training provided)


An EMT is someone who is a certified first responder and NYS EMT. They are permitted to perform Emergency Medical Care on patients in the field and assist in medical interventions. Required NYS EMT-Basic. (All training provided)

Support Member

Someone who does not assist directly in fireground operations but assists in recreational and social activities. No training required

Junior Member

A junior member is someone 16 to 18 years of age who may engage in emergency incidents and trainings with restrictions. This allows them to learn the essentials of the fire service in a safe environment.


How to Join

  • Prospective volunteers must appear at a monthly business meeting of the Fire Company to submit their application. Business meetings are held at the fire station on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM.

  • Application forms may be obtained by visiting Company training, on all other Mondays (except holidays) at 7:00 PM, or any of our community events. Applicants are strongly encouraged to come to our training prior to applying in order to introduce themselves.

  • Applications are voted on by the members of the Fire Company, and if they are accepted, they are then voted on by the Board of Fire Commissioners at their own meeting. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance, typically after about two weeks.

  • In accordance with New York State law, new members must pass a background check for arson.

  • New members must complete a probationary period of six months to one year. During this time, they must get a physical exam and should begin working to obtain the training required for whichever duties they wish to perform.

  • After the probationary period, the members of the Fire Company will vote on whether to accept the individual as a full member.

Firehouse Gear