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Our Apparatus


Engine 1401

2013 4-Guys HME
1000gpm Pump with 1,500gal of Water
Contains Fire Suppression, Vehicle Extrication, Vehicle Stabilization, Interior Operations and EMS equipment.

Tanker 1421

2001 KME Freightliner
1000gpm Pump with 2,500gal of Water
Contains equipment for Water Supply, and Interior Operation as it acts as a Second Out Engine


Brush 1441

2019 Unruh Fire Ford F-550
200gpm Pump with 500gal Water
Contains equipment for Brush Fire Operations and Traffic Control

Rescue 1442

2011 Chevy Tahoe Upfitted for EMS Operations

Contains equipment for EMS at a NYS Basic-EMT Level. 


UTV 1445

2019 Kabota UTV Upfitted for Brush Fire Operations
50gpm Pump with 100gal Water
Contains equipment for Off-Road Brush Fire and Rescue Operations.

Our Apparatus: Emergency Services

Retired Aparatus


1985 Ford F-350

Used as a Brush unit. Retired in 2020


International Light Rescue

Used as a Rescue Unit. Retired in 2016

Our Apparatus: Public Services
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